Monday, October 26, 2009

I wanted to share some news....

Tonight for my dinner I had an array of Thanksgiving foods to choose from. I had 1 cup of the Autumn's Harvest Pumpkin Soup, 3 ounces of the Oven Roasted Orange-Chile Glazed Turkey Tenderloin and a half portion, 1/4 cup of the Sweet and Tart Cranberry Vegetable Relish. My meal had a total of 24.4 grams of carbohydrate and 6.1 grams of fiber. The net carbohydrate value was 18.3 grams. My two hour post prandial test (after eating) was only 11 points more than my pre-dinner test was. That is great news and I wanted to share these results with you about these dishes. If I weren't eating a super low-carb regime right now I would have had even more food but I just wanted to mention that these three dishes did not spike me one bit. I know everyone is different and your results may vary but this reminds me of the Red Bean Chili con Carne recipe below. I have chatted with several other people who have tried the chili and had the same results that I did; staying within limits and virtually no spike. I hope you give these new and delicious recipes a try for Thanksgiving along with the other new ones I'll be posting soon. I'll be posting some special dessert recipes over the next few days, so look for them!

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