Sunday, January 3, 2010

What 2010 Will Bring...

Once again, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and may this year bring us all good health, much happiness, great prosperity and peace. Now that the new year is underway I want to tell you a little about what's in store from my kitchen.
The poll that I posted seeking to find out the types of cuisines you'd like to see recipes for is going well. If you haven't voted yet please vote now. So far American Regional Cuisine is leading. What I am planning is to choose about ten different regions across the country and create, recreate and update the dishes that they are known for. I am considering popular regional dishes from New England, the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Carolina Low Country, Floribbean, the Midwest and Heartland, some great Texas Barbecue, Southwestern Tex-Mex, Colorado specialties, and the bounty from the Pacific Northwest and the Napa Valley.
But, I also still want to delve into more new international cuisines and will be including things like curry dishes from India, Moroccan dishes, spicy dishes of the West Indies and Caribbean, Thai curries and Japanese cuisines that include vegetarian dishes. I will, of course, continue to create recipes for the always popular Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisines as well.
Because of the wonderful response I received with my Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday recipes I am also going to include new recipes for a variety of holidays and special celebrations throughout the year so that you can relax and enjoy yourself and not have to stress over food. I have some great surprises in store that will absolutely delight you, your family and friends.
Not only do I want to take you all on a culinary tour across the United States but also one around the world. The world is our oyster and although we are diabetic there is no reason to deny ourselves. With some simple creative changes in ingredients, new techniques and portion control we can enjoy almost any kind of food we want to and I will show you how. The recipes I have will be dishes for everyone to enjoy and not just dishes with the stigma of "diabetic food" attached. But as always, they will be low in carbohydrates. I am also including more recipes that are very flexible so that you can make appropriate substitutions for your particular meal plan from low fat and low cholesterol to low sodium. You will have the ability to customize more for yourself and your family.
Thank you for continuing on this journey with me in 2010. I look forward to your responses and will always listen to your suggestions. Make sure you tell your friends and family about my blog. Remember, not only are the coming dishes appropriate for diabetics but everyone will be able to enjoy them. Don't forget to sign up and follow me on my blog and on twitter. I'd love to see you all there!
Eat, live and enjoy life!
Best Regards,
Chef Barrae

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