Saturday, July 20, 2013

News from Chef Barrae!
My dearest friends and loyal followers,
It has been far too long since I posted here last and I apologize for that. Life has been full, filled and productive. I have completed my Gratitude Training and now get to use new and powerful tools in my life. I have begun several exciting new projects that are becoming fruitful and are definitely fun!
I get to share one of my favorite new projects with you RIGHT NOW! Chef Barrae, Inc. has a new spin off company called Sauceress Brand Fine Condiments. I am currently producing fine, handcrafted artisan condiments. There is nothing like these out there anywhere! These condiments are excellent for barbecues, marinades, dipping or slathering. These multi-purposed condiments are all natural, vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and NO ADDED SUGAR! Currently, I am offering three different condiments, Bimini Bacchanal, Thaigress and HabaHot. Each one of these condiments is made of over three dozen different ingredients, including at least six different chiles, and have smoky, deep, rich layers of flavor and heat. These condiments are not just about heat. They are able flavor. One of the most satisfying parts of this for me personally is that these condiments are all LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES. I would not have it any other way. Many of you know my recipes and have made them your own. There are testimonial after testimonial posted on this blog. I can absolutely guarantee that all of you will fall in love with these condiments.
Here is a brief description of each for you to consider.
Bimini Bacchanal is what I love to call a blend of tropical sweet and tropical heat. It is a complex blend of citrus, mango, herbs, island spices and dried chiles. This condiment is rated mild to medium heat. It will liven up anything from chicken to seafood to pork to beef. It is also fantastic as a baste for grilled fruit.
Thaigress is my personal favorite. In this you taste layers rich in smoke, molasses, chocolate, spices and herbs and this sauce gets its heat and sweet flavor from Thai chiles. This condiment is rated medium to bold heat. It pairs very well with chicken wings, either to baste or dip or both, pork, seafood like salmon, or slathered on burgers. Try this as a great dipping sauce for those jicama fries you might be making from my recipe.
HabaHot as the name implies gets its heat from habanero chiles as well as jalapeno, Serrano and more. It has an incredible depth of flavor, rich in aromatic spices, fresh herbs and a deep smoke and has flavor not just heat. This condiment is rated medium to bold heat. It is perfect as a barbecue sauce to grill beef or chicken for your low carb tortillas, is awesome on roast pork, fantastic on shrimp and so much more. This sauce will perk up any dreary, same old-same old dish you make.
So, now you might be wondering, "How do I get these delicious condiments?" and "Are they expensive?" The answer to both questions is simple. I have set up a new website, a blogspot site, equipped with PayPal for your convenience to accept any major credit or debit card. These condiments are priced right at $6.00 for a "small" (8 ounce bottle), $11.00 for a "large" (16 ounce bottle) or 2 large bottles for $20.00. We will ship these fine condiments anywhere in the USA. The shipping and handling is more than reasonable at $4.95. So, my friends, give this a try. You will not regret it one bit. In fact, you will have found something brand new, packed with amazing flavor that is low in carbs and has no added sugar. Please visit my website and check it out. Read the lists of ingredients for these condiments and see for yourself.
Please look for us on Facebook and Twitter under Sauceress Brand.
Thank you one and all. I cannot wait to hear from you and get your feedback on my new condiments!
In gratitude,
Chef Barrae

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