Monday, June 2, 2014

Chef Barrae is Back!

Chef Barrae Is BACK!

Chef Barrae has been living life to the fullest for the last few years, enjoying every moment of her life, career and personal path! She is now ready to get back to blogging and bring her passion to life again. Chef Barrae cannot wait to create more new fabulous low carbohydrate, healthful dishes that are perfect for anyone who wants to live a weigh loss lifestyle and for those who are type 2 diabetics like herself. In fact, her dishes have been well received that most people who just enjoy great food love them, too! Look for her latest recipes coming soon! Chef Barrae has set her intentions and declares that she will be creating and posting every delicious detailed bite several times a week, so check often and tell your friends.

This weekend Chef Barrae and her beloved husband Grill Master Mike cooked up something outrageous for you all to enjoy this summer. Look for "How to Spin a Roast Beast" on the 'cue that has been studded with garlic cloves, injected with savory "beef juice" and rubbed with love and chef's smashing barbecue rub along with a beautiful light Summer in a Bowl Tomato Basil Salad. Grill Master Mike looks forward to contributing his amazing talents and will be featuring his lip smacking, face slapping barbecue recipes, tips and techniques all summer long. Look for these recipes, step by step instructions and photographs. As chef always says ...

Eat, live and enjoy life!
Chef Barrae

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