Friday, December 7, 2012

What a gorgeous good morning this day brings! Hello to all of my subscribers, visitors, friends and family! Much time has passed since my last post here ... please accept my sincerest apologies for that. I have not forgotten anyone or the purpose of this blog for one minute ... I have been quite wrapped up in moving my cause to fight Type 2 Diabetes forward and to reach out and help as many sufferers and prediabetics as I can. Life has been abundant with joy, Love and good health!

Here is some news about what has been going on ...

I have been providing free weight loss seminars in the South Florida area since this past July and have achieved great success in reaching out to many, many people! I simply share my story with everyone, what I did to overcome my suffering both with nutrition and weight loss and through an internal emotional healing process to rid myself of my mindless overeating triggers. To date, I have lost about 210 pounds, am healthy and fit! I am a Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner as well now and use what I have learned to help others in the same way these techniques have helped me. I offer private weight loss counselling, locally and nationally, have written a book called, "2-3-4 Weight Loss Solution Manual for Life", which is now available through this blogsite for the first time, and have of late been speaking publically within the heathcare industry about my journey. It is awesome and life is abundant! If you would like more information about any of the services I offer or my seminars please contact me at and I will respond immediately!

As I mentioned, my path has been taking me in the direction of the healthcare industry and I have now offered my seminar at Genesis Community Health, a local healthcare provider in Boynton Beach, Florida, and have been honored to speak on World Diabetes Day at an event by Boerhinger Ingelheim pharmaceuticals in Ridgefield, Connecticut. My journey of reaching out to Type 2 Diabetics has come full circle and I am once again following that path. How amazing it truly is!

Chef Barrae, second from the right, next to Catherine London and the Boerhinger Ingelheim World Diabetes Day Team

I am also very pleased to announce the offering of my book, "2-3-4 Weight Loss Solution Manual for Life" here on this blogsite for the very first time and am so excited to finally do this! It has been well received and has sold world wide now! How thrilling it is for me to share the weight loss Solution I have developed that includes both aspects of balanced nutrition and emotional healing and present it to you! I continue to say, "Eat, live and enjoy life!" and have now added, "Lose weight with Love" to my calling card! I have provided the safety and security of PayPal for your convenience. I am available to answer any questions you may have about The Solution! Please email me anytime!

Thank you all for your continued support and visiting this blogsite! I am honored to serve you all in any way that I can and will continue to do so ...
In gratitude,
Chef Barrae

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